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How SEO helps your business

There’s no way around it. If your business has a website, and you want people to find it on Google, it needs SEO.

That’s what makes the difference between your company being seen, or languishing unloved in the far reaches of the internet. Without SEO, you leave the field open to your competitors.

While it is often talked about, there is still some confusion about what SEO is and how it helps businesses to grow.

Here, we’ll explain how even the smallest of enterprises with a web presence can benefit.


What exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’, and it’s a means by which you can increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by improving where you appear on a search engine’s results page.

By quality, we’re referring to visits that convert into purchases, email signups or enquiries. You can have thousands of daily visitors to your site, but if they’re looking for something you don’t provide, then those clicks are fairly meaningless.


How does it work?

At its most basic, it works through the intelligent use of keywords that are relevant to your business. Google actively looks for content that matches search enquiries.

The more meaningful content you provide, the more likely your website is to feature highly in search results.

Why your business needs SEO

If your business has a website, it needs SEO.

Without it, your domain is little more than a calling card that’s unlikely to receive many visitors or be found in organic search results. As well as attracting traffic, it should be geared towards converting that interest into customers.

Here’s some of the key benefits that SEO can bring to your business:


SEO helps to build your brand

Branding is often considered a traditional marketing strategy, and SEO falls into the digital marketing box.

These two things are not separate, however. Building a brand requires considering what you provide, and what others say about it. The same applies to optimising your website. You need to create content that appeals to your audience’s concerns and interests.

Answer the questions that your customers are asking, and the more visitors you’ll tempt to look at your website.

Over time, your online presence will reflect your branding.


SEO is a sustainable approach to marketing

It can be tempting to pay for ad space to promote your business, but with SEO you don’t need to. Unlike paid advertising, SEO is an approach to marketing based on substance, and as a result it’s more sustainable.

Populate your website with meaningful content, and your visitor numbers will grow. It’s not about a quick fix, but rather a long-term approach to marketing that helps your business grow organically.

After all, ads can come and go but organic listings last.


It helps you find your target audience

Increasingly, consumers turn to Google and other search engines when they want to learn about a new product, business or service.

They also use search engines when they have a question. By producing intelligent, SEO-targeted content about your business, services, products or industry, you’re creating a point of attraction for your target audience.

Even if they don’t make an initial purchase, once they’ve found you they’re likely to come back.


It helps you establish your credibility and authority

With the internet, consumers now have access to a vast range of information that they can use before they buy something.

They will generally spend longer researching the products and services they’re interested in ahead of making a purchase, or even contact the company for more information. By using SEO as part of your content marketing strategy, you can establish your website and your brand as a place to turn to for those seeking meaningful information.

When you publish valuable and informative content, you will start to establish credibility and authority in your chosen field.


A coherent approach to building your business

As you can see, SEO is not just about a quick fix, but a long term and coherent approach to building your business. By thinking about content, and what you might include on your website, you are deepening your own understanding of your brand.

By publishing that content on your website, you are helping to attract your ideal customer, and over time, establish yourself as an authority in your field.

So, how do you get started with SEO?


Aqueous Digital offers a range of SEO services for small and medium-sized businesses

At Aqueous Digital, we are dedicated to getting the best results for your business.

We provide a full range of SEO services targeted at small and growing businesses who are ambitious to make an impact in their sector.

Following an initial audit, we can make sure that your website is fine-tuned and SEO-friendly.

An ongoing content and technical SEO strategy can then deliver optimum results.


A reputation built on results

When you’re in the SEO business, there really is no place to hide.

Our reputation stands and falls on the strength of the results we deliver for our customers.

That success is built on our ability to identify where they want their business to go, and then to put in place the foundations to help them achieve exactly that.


Why not contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business grow? 0800 285 1424


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