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How should you communicate with customers during COVID-19?

During the current Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ crisis, there is a lot of noise and confusion and, it seems, fewer and fewer places to turn for clear advice.

24 hour news channels are filled with stories of doom and gloom and ‘experts’ are being thrust onto our screens daily with their best guesses of what will happen.

Amongst all this, businesses across the country have been forced to close for three weeks and many will face incredibly challenging times, just trying to survive.

As we talk to our customers, some on a daily basis, we are hearing a lot of questions about what business can and should do in the current circumstances, and as many of the questions revolve around the same themes, it shows that business people have very similar fears and concerns.

So, in this confusing environment, we felt it right to start to share some clear advice on the specific areas of advertising, marketing and communications.

Recorded by our Managing Director, Jonathan Guy, under lockdown conditions at home, this first video talks about whether you need to have a ‘COVID-19” notice on your website and what, if anything, you should be saying to your customers.

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