One of the most frequently asked questions of our business is ‘can you tell me what is wrong with my website?’ Of course there can be a million different things that aren’t quite right but surprisingly often the basics are the root cause of the problem.

We’ve put together a quick guide to ‘The Basics of SEO’ highlighting the key things that we have to point out to people struggling to make an impact with their websites. In fact often when we dig a bit deeper there are many other underlying issues that are beyond the capabilities of most website owners but far too often the basics are all that is needed.

We recently undertook some work on a website for a customer and all we did was put right some of these things. Within a week they were reporting back that their keyword positions had all improved and one or two had actually floated right up to the #1 slot.

Of course, we can’t promise that this kind of result will happen for every site we work on, but it does happen more often than not. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Neither do most SEO professionals.

So if you want to do your website a favour then take a look at the infographic below and let’s help small businesses make a difference without resorting to expensive and unnecessary intervention.

The basics of SEO

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23rd October 2015

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