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Just how powerful is Social Media for getting customers?

At Aqueous Digital we have long acknowledged the power of Social Media but historically it has been a nice to have rather than a need to have. Recently however there has been a shift change in the importance of Social Media and we’ve been running a few experiments to see how this affects websites.


Probably the biggest shift we saw was for one of our clients who focused on getting retweets from people with significant followers on Twitter. This client managed to get a retweet from someone with 27,000 Twitter followers and the results were frankly astonishing as you can see from this graph

Social Media Spike 2011


Against a relatively small base of visitors from normal activity there is suddenly a massive spike in visitors on the day of the Twitter retweet.

.The proof of the pudding however is of course in getting customers and the good news is that from this activity there were new customers registered with the business.

This experiment confirms for us that the changes that went on in the recent Google Panda update which seem to promote Social Media links quite highly were justified. On the back of this also the client has seen an improvement in their Search Engine positions since this date and is now number one for a wider range of keywords than they expected.

So, it seems that Social Media has really come of age. Not only is it important from a Search point of view, it looks like it can actually deliver customers to your door. Our advice therefore is to get on Twitter and Facebook and make sure you start following people with large fan bases. Create unique and compelling content and share it with them and if they like it then you too could find your business spread further across the web than you ever imagined.

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