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Pinterest: Top Tips for Marketing

As a business owner, you already know about the power of social media and you’re most probably using Facebook and Twitter as part of your content marketing campaign.

But what about Pinterest?

Pinterest isn’t just images of food and fashion items. It’s a rapidly growing social media channel that can be used to promote your business.

Based mainly on images, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to personalise your page, so your logo and brand get maximum exposure every time you pin an image. You can link pin images directly to your website and your other social media pages, and even use it to categorise your different products and services.

Pinterest is also a great way to follow market trends and establish your online authority.

Pins have 1,600 times more exposure than on Facebook and are 100 times more spreadable than tweets.

If you’re new to Pinterest, here are a few marketing tips to help you make the most out of this popular social media platform.

Include Price Tags

Pinterest offers a multitude of opportunities to promote your brand, build your authority and follow market trends. But that doesn’t mean you should negate the hard sell. Your pins should be informative, engaging and inspirational. But by adding a price tag to your products, you’ll gain followers that don’t just want to look, but also buy.

Create a Blog Board

A Pinterest blog board will allow your followers to easily find your blogs all in one place. Ensure your blog board name is optimised with relevant keywords so it’s easier to find.

Use high quality, professional images in your blogs so you can pin them to your board. By including a summary paragraph and CTA link to the original blog on your website, you could boost your traffic by up to 80%.


If you send out regular emails or newsletters, include your best pins. Use a clickable screenshot of the pinned image that links to your Pinterest pin. Once there, followers will be encouraged to look through your pinboards to see what else you have to offer.

Be Active

Just as you like, comment and share on Facebook, make sure you comment on other pins and repin interesting and relevant pins. Follow bigger brands to see how they do things. By adding a comment on popular pins, you’ll be giving exposure to your own brand.

Encourage followers to add their own pins to your boards by allowing Open Board access. By encouraging active involvement you may end up with comments and pins from influencers and thought leaders, which in turn helps establish your own authority.

Market Research

Pinterest is a free and simple way of conducting essential market research. Pins give you information about popular trends, customers and prospects so you can understand your market audience better.

You can also keep an eye on the competition with Pinalerts. You’ll be sent a message every time a competitor pins something. By following those you admire, you may even get followed yourself.

Pinterest Business Accounts have a handy analytics feature so you can track your content to see how well it’s doing.

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