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Site not fast enough? Forget your PPC campaign

It’s been a week of novelties from Google so far and this one is a peach.

A client with a brand new website had its PPC campaign blocked as Google deemed that the page load speed was too slow.


When we took a look at it for the client it became apparent that a single high res image was slowing things down but as this is compressed to a small image on mobile we were astonished.

In days gone by anyone could set up a PPC campaign as long as they had a relevant site or page to land it on but apparently now you have to get past the quality police as well. Have Google simply got so much money now that they can afford to turn down PPC campaigns?

There are sites out there right now running PPC that are slow, no matter whether you try and access them on a desktop, tablet or mobile. In particular the mobile experience has always been difficult as the majority of the UK live a long way from any 4G or even 3G coverage. Even so we all know that when your only link to the outside world is GPRS you just wait a little longer.

Now however it seems that you can’t even advertise your business if they don’t like the look of your site.

One thing is certain, no matter who you are and how big you are you have to play by Google’s rules or they can and will turn off the enquiries to your business.

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