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VIDEO: Reputation Management

Aqueous Digital MD, Jonathan Guy talks about his approach to Reputation Management.

In the video above, Jonathan Guy, Managing Director of Aqueous Digital, talks about his approach to Reputation Management.


Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Jonathan Guy. I’m Managing Director of Aqueous Digital, and today, I want to talk to
you about Reputation management.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is essentially about managing and controlling what people can find out about you. Either you as an individual
or you as a business. From a reputation management point of view, there are two distinct areas. That of corporate or business and that of  individuals. Reputation management for businesses, is relatively straightforward and businesses have been practicing this for years.

Think of any major brand and you’ll think of the advertising they do, the press they do, the PR they do. It’s all well controlled, but what’s happened with the advent of social media is that suddenly everybody’s a critic.

So if you run a business, no matter how big or small it is these days, what you’re faced with is a situation where anyone, at any time can say anything about your business. Part of the problem we’ve got these days is social  media is so pervasive. Somebody can take a photograph of you whilst you’re out overnight post it online, on social platforms with anything that they want to accompany it with. By the time you wake up for your breakfast, your entire reputation
is in tatters.

Reputation management is all about being proactive

For most individuals they don’t think about reputation management, until it’s too late, so reputation management is about being proactive, it’s about understanding what could happen and putting in place steps to make sure that it doesn’t, or if it does, you’ve got a position from which you can recover quickly.

Hiring the right team

That’s why it’s important to get the right team around you, to make sure that happens. So what you’re going to need is a very very good set of lawyers which you probably already have. You’re going to need a press and PR team to work closely with those lawyers and to work closely with the third arm, which is the digital team – and that’s where we come in.

Whilst the lawyers are keeping everything out of the papers and offline that’s libellous, your PR team should be working on positive stories which you would like to see about yourself. What we need to do from a digital point of view is make sure the stories that your PR team have created are sticking, so when people type your name into Google, what’s coming up top, is stuff that you want to see and not disparaging remarks. There’s ways of getting rid of them and there’s ways of making google forget that they’re important or even relevant to you.

Contact us for a trusted professional opinion

It costs nothing to get a trusted professional opinion on whether you think the stories that are appearing online about you can be pushed down or removed completely.

Aqueous have got a great track record in helping people manage their online digital reputation.


Call 0800 285 1424 or email for a confidential consultation to find out how we can help you or your clients with online reputation.



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