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What Is Your Digital Footprint?

Everyone who uses the internet has a digital footprint. From simply visiting a website to being active on social media, every single piece of information we put out there is seen, collected and tracked in cyberspace.

This information is used to build up a portrait of who you are. Although it can be unnerving to think ‘big brother’ is watching you, for a business, a digital footprint is an important part of your marketing strategy. It should be tracked and used to create a positive, strong image of your company’s brand, ethos and values.

Effectively managing your company’s digital footprint not only involves actively promoting and marketing your business online but also being able to track and monitor what others are saying about you.

Your digital footprint reflects how your business is perceived online. It’s like a virtual biography or calling card, so it’s essential to make sure you create a footprint that’s solid, strong and positive.

Here are just a few ways you can use your company’s digital footprint to its advantage.


LinkedIn is the go-to platform for business networking. Here you can connect with like-minded people, others in your industry, recruiters and thought leaders.

A strong, compelling and positive LinkedIn profile is the first step to making the right connections and engaging with the right influencers.

Also be aware of your employees’ profiles. Any mention of your company name such as ‘I work at…’ will add to your digital footprint and influence how your business is perceived.

Quality, Rich and Engaging Content

Blogs, articles, press releases, videos – basically any content you produce to promote your business should be high quality, engaging and valuable to the reader. Ensure you reply to comments and respond positively to any feedback. Even a like adds to your digital footprint.

Social Media

Social media is the quickest, easiest and most accessible way to share information about your business. Whether you’re tweeting, pinning or just putting a like on Facebook, every single activity says something about you.

Keep business and personal accounts separate and ensure your security settings are active. Remember that potential business investors and customers may want to research your online presence and background so make sure only you have complete control of your content and accounts.


Google Alerts is a free tool that can be set up to send you notifications every time your business is mentioned. It can help you to keep track of what’s being said about you on social media, forums and review sites, so you can follow-up with replies and comments.

Whether you like it or not, your digital footprint is permanent and expanding. All you can do is ensure the one you create is an exact reflection of how you want your business to be perceived. Good management of your digital footprint and attention to what you put out there will ensure that your company name isn’t compromised, while also opening up new opportunities and new markets for you.

[Updated 11/09/2020]

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