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Why did Twitter do this to our traffic?

You know, for a moment I almost started to believe that we were popular. It started slowly on 28th April when our impressions tripled overnight. I had put out the same number of tweets as the previous days, the content was broadly similar and our followers were growing at a steady rate. The next day it was even better when the previous day’s record impressions more than quadrupled again!

Aqueous Tweet Activity

Holy moly! We’ve hit the big time!

In fact the next four days were just better and better to the point where on 3rd May we received over 43,000 organic impressions.  That day we had 28 retweets of our content and earned over 35 new likes. I really thought we’d done something right.

Then all of a sudden; back down to earth. From 43,000 impressions to 8,000 and then down again and again until we were back to square one.

What the heck happened? Why did it suddenly go mental?

Looking back at what we shared that day the one stand out was my friend Christian relaunching his Company with a new name, Run2 but that still didn’t explain why the traffic had been rising for the previous week. In fact, as I write this I’m still convinced we were nothing more than a Twitter experiment. I even tried a couple of days of no tweets at all to see if that made a difference but it didn’t, we still got traffic even when we didn’t tweet.

On the bright side though, we’ve added over 1500 new followers in the past few weeks so someone clearly likes what we are doing but on the downside, I just wish I know how to make it sustainable.

Answers on a postcard please or just leave your comments and ideas below? 

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