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Aqueous help private investigation agency rank number 1 on Google for 22 business critical search terms

Insight Investigations are one of the UK’s longest established Private Investigation Agencies.

They have over 30 years’ experience helping clients find a solution to their problems. Operating in a very niche marketplace, there are very few situations that their specialist private investigators haven’t encountered before. They deal with a range of complex and challenging investigations including matrimonial issues, corporate and commercial investigations, through to dating fraud, process serving, cyber security, people tracing, fraud and insurance investigations.

Their Director of Operations, Tony Smith has over 35 years’ experience as a successful private investigator. Tony was the inspiration behind the hit BBC TV series ‘Nice Guy Eddie’ featuring Ricky Tomlinson, and was engaged as a Script Consultant on the show.

Tony is regularly interviewed by the BBC, ITV and independent news channels, whenever they require an expert opinion on the Private Investigation industry.

Tony also gave evidence at the Levison enquiry on behalf of The World Association of Professional Investigators, of which he is Chairman.

The challenge

Insight Investigations are one of our longest serving and most loyal customers. We first started collaborating with the midlands-based company back in 2012 and have developed a strong working relationship that has continued to deliver quality results for their business year-on-year.

It is however, an ever-changing and highly competitive marketplace, where a keen eye needs to be kept on the competition and the rules and regulation of the law surrounding private investigations.

Insight Investigations

The solution

Due to the discretional nature and wide range or unique issues the agency deal with, rich website content covering a wide range of topics is an essential component to attracting new business and driving enquiries through their website. Equally important is being perceived as a credible, professional, and trustworthy business, in an unregulated industry.

Aqueous have helped Insight Investigations solve their SEO and PPC challenges for over eight years, through a combination of great quality content creation, combined with a responsive digital marketing strategy that has evolved to meet the current challenges of the day.


The agency is now ranking at number 1 on Google for 22 business critical search terms including ’How to Hire a private investigator’.

They are also ranking on page one of Google in position 2-4 for a further 25 key search terms. As 61% of all internet traffic comes from the first three positions on Google, this is an essential route for driving prospective clients to their site and bringing in new cases for them to investigate.

Next steps

In 2020, Insight Investigations are preparing to launch a new more modern website.
Aqueous will help ensure that the new site is optimised to achieve the best possible search results and all content is transferred across smoothly to prevent any disruption to their high performing traffic and search performance rankings.

What our customer says:

The world is full of internet marketing and search agencies. We have used quite a few over the past 17 years, until we met with Jonathan at Aqueous.

My first impression of Jonathan was that he was not a smoke and mirrors type of a guy. His honesty and dedication to his work and company has always impressed me and this has filtered down to his team too.

Over the years, we have collaborated with many of the team at Aqueous. I especially enjoyed working with Liza, who never failed to answer my many questions, when we were working together to identify copyright infringement on competitor websites. In total, we had 22 websites either removed from search or we legally forced them to remove content they had lifted from our website, as this was harming our own search rankings.

At the outset of our work together, Aqueous discovered that under our previous agency, we’d been given two Google penalties. This was the main reason our website wasn’t performing well. Aqueous came up with a solution, and after few months’ work, we had the penalties lifted.
We are a small company in terms of size, operating in a very narrow speciality marketplace. It’s an un-regulated industry, with fierce competition, so discovering new ways to attract traffic, and ultimately sales, is not always about the clicks…

Sitting on the sales and marketing side of the company, I’ve always been interested in the latest Google developments and enhancements. Aqueous don’t let you stand still, offering advice and guidance on the next project, whilst not rejecting our desire to be involved at all stages, or coming up with a feasible workable plan when the task is beyond our capabilities.
The team’s advice on how to be recognised for the quality of work we do, by teaming up with Trust Pilot, has further enhanced our position by converting our search traffic into sales.
With the help of Aqueous, we were able to install and run conversion tracking software and integrate this with all the other tools they introduced us to. This has been invaluable in giving us insight and direction.

PPC (paid) search has over the years driven us to distraction, putting a heavy strain on financial resources. In a competitive industry, it did not always bring the desired results.
Last year when Owen started working on our account, we worked together to improve the performance of paid ads. Owen was able to help with a part restructure of our campaigns to kerb the spend, whilst still delivering results.

Caitlin and I currently work together on the content of the site, and how we can improve the customer experience, whilst attracting “local search”, and you never know Caitlin may even yet get me to engage in social media in the future!

I wish Jonathan and the team all the best for their continued success.

Beverley Flynn
Director, Insight Investigations


on Google for 22 business critical searches


of organic traffic from 3 keyword searches

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