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This individual had a real problem. When you typed their name into Google a very old newspaper report about a spent conviction came up. The bottom line is that when they were looking for work, this was all people saw.

Here’s what they said about us after the project was finished;

“My solicitor recommended I use Aqueous Digital in my campaign to improve my online profile after negative images had appeared in the National Press.

The bottom line is these images are nowhere to be seen!

Prior to engaging with Aqueous Digital, l had worked unsuccessful with two other agencies at the cost of a fat five figure sum.  My experiences prior to meeting Jonathan and his team had not been positive; with agencies trying to exploit the distress and impact my adverse on -line profile was having in the real world.  This just compounded an unbearably horrible time, I was fighting on all fronts.

Aqueous Digital have very different ethics, values and worked as part of a team with my solicitor.  I’m delighted to say it really was a case of third time lucky! These guys walked the extra mile for me…

The Aqueous Digital Team work diligently on my behalf creating new on line material and constantly improving my existing assets as part of a well thought through strategy. Always generously (and patiently) explaining the logic for their work.

I can honestly say that working with Aqueous Digital delivered results and was good fun too.

Should you ever need to improve your on-line reputation, for whatever reason, I recommend that you start a conversation with Jonathan and put in a place a strategy that truly works.

Thanks to a fantastic solicitor and the expertise of the Aqueous Digital Team I’ve a clean on-line profile and a huge weight lifted.”


offending images remaining online


Years of clean search results

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