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453% increase in organic website traffic since 2017. 165% increase in organic traffic in 2020.  47 key search terms ranking in top 10 Google positions and 17 keywords in coveted top 3 positions

ST Engineering Antycip is a leading European provider of simulation, analysis, modelling, display, virtual reality and 3D immersive technology.  For over 20 years they have been at the forefront of cutting-edge market developments, providing innovative solutions for customers in a range of industries, including: defence, academia, construction, aviation and commerce.

Operating globally and based from offices in the UK, France and Italy, the company combines its in-house technical expertise service with a range of specialist software and hardware products.

The challenge

We first started working with ST Engineering Antycip back in 2017 (then called Antycip Simulation) when they approached us to help support them with their SEO strategy implementation.

Their main marketing challenges revolve around the wide variety of industries they operate across. These marketplaces are often very niche and so for a digital marketing strategy to be successful in this field, it is essential that it addresses the differing needs of a range of very separate and distinct target audiences, as well as evolving rapidly with changes in technology, modernisation and cybersecurity.

Their overall marketing strategy for 2019-2020 involved the delivery of a number of thematic campaign bursts, in addition to a brand merger with parent company, ST Engineering.

As part of their overall marketing strategy, a CMS migration from a rigid SPIP CMS to WordPress was planned for September 2019 and a change of website domain as part of a brand merger was also scheduled for July 2020.  With both these website migration projects, it was critical that Aqueous worked very closely with developers to avoid any slip in rankings or traffic, which can be a common risk when carrying out site migrations.

ST Engineering Antycip
Man in 3d imaging chamber

Our solution

By agreeing a robust digital marketing plan supported by link building and engaging content provision, Aqueous Digital has helped ST Engineering Antycip increase traffic and google ranking significantly.

ST Engineering Antycip’s marketing plans for 2020 saw them shift further away from traditional marketing towards a heavier focus on digital – an area where Aqueous was well-qualified to help.

We supported the company with the delivery of their campaign work through the production of engaging content and SEO activity that aligned to their monthly themed campaign bursts:

  • January: Virtual Reality and AGI Space campaign
  • February: Network planning and cyber
  • March: Construction
  • April: Virtual Reality
  • May: Defence Simulation
  • June: Ports
  • July: Virtual Reality
  • August: Defence simulation
  • September: Network planning and Cyber
  • October: Military-Simulation and Defence
  • November: Construction and Space
  • December: Military-Simulation and Defence

Aqueous was instrumental in helping them build-up a library of targeted blog posts and news articles covering each subject.  This rich content helped them build authority, profile and rankings on Google.

With the support of Aqueous, the transition to both a new WordPress based CMS and new domain were delivered smoothly and without having any negative impact on traffic, in fact, the new domain has seen an overall increase in traffic.


Since we first started working with the company in 2017, we have helped them drive a 453% increase in traffic to their website.  In the past year alone, (July 2019-July 2020) we have seen an impressive 165% increase in organic traffic.  47 priority search terms are now ranking in the top 10 positions on Google and 17 search terms are in the coveted top 3 positions.

The recent success of the business in Western Europe has allowed them the opportunity to expands their horizons to Eastern Europe, especially in Poland.  This success has also enabled them to establish a partnership in Germany where they have stepped up their market presence and profile.

Next steps

ST Engineering Antycip plan to focus their marketing activity more prominently on digital activity in the future and to enhance their inbound marketing and awareness of their brand globally.

More specifically, their future strategy will increase focus on local SEO, including production of website content in different languages including French to serve the needs of target audiences in different international regions.

“I cannot thank Aqueous Digital enough for all the hard work they have put into helping us deliver our ambitious digital marketing and SEO strategy.  With their support, we have increased visits to our website by over 450% and are now appearing on the first page of Google search results for 47 different keywords.  On top of this, the team are always a pleasure to deal with and have consistently delivered great service from day one.”

European Marketing Manager, ST Engineering Antycip


increase in organic traffic since 2017


increase in organic traffic in 2020


keywords in top 10 positions


keywords in top 3 positions

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