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Closing in on a million: Why this year will be Aqueous Digital’s best

Aqueous Digital is entering its tenth year.

And our ambition is bigger than ever: to smash through the £1m barrier for the first time.

We’re getting closer too, making it to a major milestone ahead of our birthday last week after hitting a recurring revenue target a whole five months ahead of schedule.

To do so in May, at the peak of a global coronavirus outbreak, only makes the feat more remarkable.

And we’re fit to burst with pride.

“So many businesses have struggled during lockdown but we’ve used it as an opportunity to work with people and adapt their digital marketing plans,” said managing director Jonathan Guy, who set up the company in June 2011 together with his wife, Emma.

“By collaborating closely with our existing customers and identifying new ways to generate income, we’ve played a part in helping them to survive the most difficult trading conditions.”

And our international customer base, which includes professional services such as solicitors and accountants as well as a wide range online retailers and manufacturers, has continued to prosper despite the UK economy being among the hardest hit by the impact of Covid-19.

Not only that, but the staff at Aqueous – which now numbers 15 employees and 10 freelancers – has been apart since mid-March after our office in Sutton Weaver closed temporarily to comply with restrictions imposed by the Government during the pandemic.

Jonathan said: “We are immensely proud of the team’s efforts – they have been truly amazing, going above and beyond to support our customers during the crisis.

“The fact we are thriving is a reflection of their hard work.”

We don’t intend to stand still, either.

Our first marketing manager started work earlier this month, and we’re planning to expand both our technical and sales capability this summer.

Those appointments will enable the company to accelerate towards an ambitious revenue goal, set this time four years ago.

Jonathan added: “We forecast back in 2016 that we would reach the million-pound landmark by the end of 2020, and now have an incredibly strong foundation on which to build that will help us do exactly that.

“It positions us perfectly too for the future in a fast-changing marketplace that rewards those who prove they can continuously innovate.”

Jonathan and Emma Guy

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