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It’s our birthday! And this time we’ve added reason to celebrate…

Today Aqueous Digital turned nine-years-old and, despite the ongoing lockdown in the UK, we still found a way to surprise every member of our team.

Under normal circumstances, we would have arranged to celebrate together.

However, given the office has been closed since the middle of March leaving the staff to work remotely from their homes – almost a quarter of the year! – we decided to do something a little bit different.

Knowing how hard it has been for some people being confined to their house for so long, we wanted to remind them that they remain a valued part of a wonderful and growing team.

So, having told everyone to expect a ‘special delivery’ on our birthday, they were all waiting for the postman.

What they did not expect was the directors of the business turning up at their doorstep!

Weeks of careful planning meant that Sales Director Ian Bold met (at the appropriate distance, of course) with Emma Guy, Director of Sales Operations, and Managing Director Jonathan Guy, to collect special care packages for his part of the operation.

With military precision, they all set off early in the morning and, following a carefully planned route, Ian went west to Chester, Liverpool and Warrington while Jonathan and Emma travelled east to Runcorn, Northwich and Manchester.

By 2pm, every one of our team had been surprised by a friendly and familiar face at their door.

Some were initially shocked to see us standing there, but that emotion turned to relief upon hearing that despite working in isolation, they were not alone.

Remaining two metres apart, the directors took selfies with every team member and were able to say to each of them, in person, ‘Thank you’ for everything they have done to help us become the business we are today.

And it doesn’t stop there.

In the coming weeks we are planning more exciting announcements as we continue to grow and accelerate through 2020.

So, Happy Birthday Aqueous and thank you to everyone who has helped make it happen.

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