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Merry Christmas from Aqueous SEO and top tips for 2013

As Aqueous shut down for the holiday season (actually, we’re still here online as ‘search never sleeps’) we just wanted to wish all our Customers, followers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


2012 has been an interesting year, full of Pandas and Penguins and the SEO landscape has shifted once again. Someone once said that survival goes not to the fittest, the strongest or the cleverest, but to those who are the most adaptable.

As SEO in the UK is entirely dependent on Google, and as Google constantly changes its algorithm, then keeping ahead of the changes is becoming a strategy in its own right.

So we thought that as we see out the old year it is a good time to look ahead, and rather than make predictions for 2013 we wanted to offer some ‘thoughts’ that you might find interesting. Have a great holidays and we’ll see you all on the other side!

  • Any marketing strategy that is built exclusively on a single channel is ultimately vulnerable and as the ‘dragons’ would say, uninvestable
  • Always build your website as a place you would want to visit. Add some value and do something unique.
  • SEO is a long term strategy and is simply a digital extension to your good old fashioned marketing strategy
  • SEO is becoming more about digital marketing strategy and less about being technically proficient
  • Don’t imagine that the traffic you get to your site is a right; it can disappear (or be removed) at any time
  • Ultimately Google is going to stop looking at the volume of links and their focus will be almost exclusively on what you and your site brings to the party. Traffic will go to the worthy not those with the deepest pockets.
  • Search Engine Rankings are transient.
  • And finally, when choosing your next SEO agency try someone who understands all this and are interested in your marketing strategy, not just your next payment.

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