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The big ‘shave off’ raises £1,200 for local charities

Well, it started off as a bit of fun but in the end, it turned into a really profitable exercise.

Jonathan started to grow his beard out in October when he was asked what it would look like if he just left it to grow. Ian started growing his hair as his young son had never seen him with hair and wanted to know what he looked like.

Having satisfied everyone’s curiosity the idea was floated that it might be a good idea to see if we could get some sponsorship for a ‘grand shave off’.

Little did we know that this project, with an original target of just £500, would turn into an epic event and raise over £1,200 for two worthy charities.

So, one cold and snowy morning a couple of weeks ago, the two hairy men trooped into Northwich and were helped by Dawn and the team at Barber #1 to remove all the unwanted hair.

You can see for yourself what we looked like before and after the event.

Before the big shave off
The hairy duo before the shave off
After the big shave off
That’s much better!
The great Aqueous Shave off
Dawn from Barber #1 Northwich having fun with Ian’s hair
The great Aqueous Shave off
We thought it looked quite fetching; can’t understand why he didn’t keep it!
Barber #1 Northwich
Thanks to Dawn and the team at Barber #1, Witton Street, Northwich

The two charities we chose were Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and Speed of Sight, both of whom are supported by Aqueous Digital. CRY is one of our chosen charities as we know people who have been affected by the illness or loss of a child and Speed of Sight is one of our customers and they provide life changing experiences for blind, partially sighted and disabled people.

We are due to hand the money over to the two charities in the next month so we’ll keep you updated when it happens.

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