Aqueous Digital

We’re all safely moved in….almost!

It was an early start this morning as we were threatened with a phone engineer visit anytime from 8am but of course that didn’t materialise. He did however arrive pretty shortly after and so began the process of packing up and moving home.

We decided that we would leave at least one member of staff (Adam got the short straw here) in the old office with a full set up so if anyone did need anything urgently we could provide the service. The good news is that there were no last minute panics so he just had to sit there like ‘Billy no mates’ whilst we all packed up the PC’s and put everything into packing crates.

Aqueous old office photo july 2014

With the help of the wonderful team at The Heath we were soon rolling down two corridors to our new home in D block where we have a lot more space and room to expand.

As I write this we still have no phones but we do have email and internet and as most of our business is done that way then we are struggling through using mobile phones.

Aqueous New office settling in August 2014

So please bear with us as we unpack all our gubbins and Jamie refills his drawers with his stock of food! Normal service will be resumed shortly….

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