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How video content can elevate your website

Stuck for inspiration when it comes to creating blogs and guides for your business? Perhaps it’s time to branch out and join the thousands of websites that benefit every day from eye-catching and immersive video content.

Whether you choose to add snippets of video content to your written articles, product details or ‘About us’ page, there’s no area of advertising your website that couldn’t be improved with a video camera.

Carry on reading to discover why video content is so important, how effective it is, and the various types of video content you can use to boost your business.

Plus, we’ll also provide you with plenty of tips, tricks and examples to help you create effective video content for your own company.

So, put your creative hat on and get your video camera on standby, it’s time to delve into the world of video content.


Why is video content so important?

According to one of the world’s leading explainer video companies, Wyzowl, 92% of marketers use video content at the heart of their marketing strategy, but why?

Video content provides a wide range of useful functions depending on the type of video content you choose to include on your website, or to promote as part of your video content marketing strategy.

From helping buyers to learn more about a product to breaking down the barrier between your employees and your customers, great video content can increase engagement, help your business to reach wider audiences, and even lead to a boost in sales and conversion rates. What’s not to like?


How effective is video content?

Short enough to maintain viewers’ attention but long enough to encourage them to explore your website further, video content hits upon the growing demand for easily digestible online content.

Especially useful for customers that simply don’t have time or attention span to delve into lengthy written content, video content helps to captivate this audience.

Wyzowl also reports that 87% of marketers believe video content has helped them to increase traffic, while 82% agree that it’s improved dwell time and a mammoth 81% have confirmed that it’s directly improved their sales.

While it’s clear that video content has become an essential part of many content strategies, what types of video content can you use to create this positive impact on both retention and sales?


What are the different types of video content?

Video content comes in all shapes and sizes and can be used to promote a variety of different businesses. Regardless of whether your company provides a service or sells a selection of products, there’s plenty of fantastic video content you can create.

Below, you’ll find just a handful of the various types of video content that can help grab your customers’ attention and make your brand stand out from the crowd. Other popular forms of video content can include webinars, animations, live streams and interviews, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.



One way you can make lengthy blogs or guides easier to digest for your reader is to transform them into a vlog (video blog). An effective method to relate lots of information about an event, product or particular service, vlogs are relevant for a whole host of businesses.



Great for websites that sell products, video tutorials can instil a sense of confidence in the customer to buy items they have little or no experience with. Typically, it’s also much easier to show someone how to use a product than to describe the process.


Customer testimonials

A great way to showcase your reliable track record, previous or current customer testimonials can encourage potential clients or buyers to get in touch – especially when you’ve taken the time and effort to transform written testimonials into attention-grabbing video content.


Team introductions

Ideal for businesses that offer a service instead of a product, video introductions are a great way for clients to connect with the people behind the brand. From putting a name to a face to identifying the best port of call for their enquiry, team introductions serve a range of useful functions.

How do I make video content?

Luckily, great video content needn’t cost a fortune. While quality product tutorials and snazzy team introductions may require the hiring of a professional camera kit, you can still whip up plenty of brilliant video content for social media with nothing more than a smartphone. As long as the camera provides a clear image, there’s no limit on the number of casual team interviews or company event updates that you can post on your website.

How you choose to make video content will also depend on which platform(s) you intend to upload it to. Social media platforms have different algorithms that will dictate how much reach and engagement your video content receives based on factors like length and style. TikTok, for example, is an increasingly popular place to share quick and comical content while LinkedIn provides a professional platform to promote lengthier, more serious, video content.


Examples of engaging video content

While anyone equipped with a camera can make video content, the key to success is ensuring it really engages with your target audience. Below, we’ve assembled a selection of engaging video content examples to inspire you, followed by a host of content-creating tips to help increase your chances of sending your website viral!


Sainsbury’s – Christmas Advert 2014

Airbnb – We Accept Advert 2017

Aqueous Digital – We Are Aqueous 2022



Tips for creating great video content


Make a plan

Similar to how you might write a blog, it’s always a great idea to sketch out your ideas or brainstorm with fellow employees to ensure you have (at least!) a rough idea of how you want your video content to flow and what you’ll need to achieve this.


Pinpoint your aim

What are you hoping to get from this content? Depending on whether you’re hoping to drive sales, create business credibility or boost brand awareness, the video will be completely different. For sales, add frequent CTAs (call to actions). For brand awareness, focus on your name, logo and USPs!


Use your storytelling skills

Engaging with your target audience is all about taking them on a journey, and what better way to do this than to use your storytelling skills? Instead of shouting about products, try creating a positive look or feel that will encourage customers to turn to you instead of your competitors.


Find unmissable visuals

Aesthetically-appealing videos are much more likely to hold your customer’s attention, so picking the right visuals is crucial to captivating viewers for as long as possible. Animations within videos can also help to clearly explain complicated processes or products, encouraging customers to feel more confident in their choice of purchase.


Promote through digital marketing

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to investigate all your digital marketing avenues to ensure your quality video content is reaching the right people. After all, there’s no point creating fantastic content if no one is going to see it!


At Aqueous Digital, we can help.

With Aqueous you can discover your tailored website content strategy and start reaping the rewards of great video content.

As an award-winning company with a team of expert marketers, we specialise in both paid and organic search to send your business soaring.

Get in touch today online or by calling 0800 285 1424 for a free website health check and consultation.


We work in collaboration with Manchester based video and film production company, Eight Engines where we support them with their SEO in Manchester.  Here’s their director, Jack Leigh talking about his experience of working with Aqueous Digital on their SEO Strategy:




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