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What role can digital marketing play in business growth?

Eager to uncover how digital marketing can boost your business?

Or maybe you’re keen to explore the role of digital marketing and what it involves?

Whatever your digital marketing query might be, we’ve got you covered.

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we’ve picked the brains of the expert SEO team here at Aqueous to create a hub of digital marketing services.

Below, we outline the main role of digital marketing in business, the ways it can help your business to go from strength to strength, why it’s important and finally, how you can take this information and use it to drive your company forward.


The role of digital marketing in business

First, consider how you currently market your business. Do you use leaflets? Billboards? Or maybe you reach out to your professional connections to help market your company? While these traditional marketing methods can certainly advance your business, in this day and age there’s no business (whether online or physical) that can’t benefit from digital marketing.


How digital marketing can grow your business

Ideal for driving new traffic to your site and boosting sales, digital marketing encompasses an array of services including search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing, to name just a few. Alongside these key components, digital marketing services can also involve email marketing, content marketing and web design, but how can these tools, used together or alone, drive success in your business?


– Bridges the gap between customer and company

When it comes to customer recognition, your name needs to stand out and there’s few better ways to do this than to invest in social media marketing. From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Instagram, there now exists a wide range of platforms that instantly connect customers to businesses, providing them with quick and easy access to customer service, product updates, and deals.


– Strengthens your brand name

Not only is social media a great place to shout about your products and services, but it also provides a stage upon which you can show off your brand’s personality. As a result, this area of digital marketing is fantastic for aiding brand awareness, attracting more customers, gaining invaluable feedback and nurturing loyalty from customers.


– Offers efficient and trackable progress

Whether you opt for PPC or create an email campaign, one of the main benefits of digital marketing is the number of web analytics and other online metric tools that can be used to measure your results. Google Analytics, in particular, is incredibly useful for determining how effective your campaign has been, providing you with in-depth, real-time information about your customer demographics.


– Increases your revenue

From here, you’ll be able to analyse a range of analytics metrics including the number of unique visitors to your site, bounce rates, conversion rates and even your shopping basket drop-out rates. These metrics can help you to tailor your campaigns or even re-design your website to reach greater numbers of your target audience, thereby dramatically increasing your chances of successful conversions.


– Adds value to your business

Is your business suffering from a lack of online visibility? SEO could be the key to your success! With an effective SEO strategy covering everything from optimising content with keywords to gaining valuable backlinks, you’ll be able to build brand authority and make your website more visible to Google. Ultimately, this will allow you to boost the credibility of your business, reap the rewards from higher search rankings and gain greater online exposure.

Why digital marketing is important for small businesses

Thanks to the various facets of digital marketing, small business could stand to gain a whole host of valuable assets. Many small businesses rely on traditional marketing methods and frequently operate without a website. Online, customers can find reviews, important information and a list of services or products to help them determine whether they want to engage with a certain company.

In today’s digital age, if a business has little or even no online presence and a lack of easily accessible information, this could prevent customers from seeing them as a legitimate brand. Subsequently, to help smaller businesses compete with larger brands and long-established companies alike, digital marketing is not only beneficial, but crucial.


How to maximise your digital marketing efforts

Research. Research. Research.

Before you jump straight into developing an SEO strategy or creating an email campaign, you need to hone in on your target audience. That typically involves accumulating plenty of feedback and integrating your website with web analytic tools. While this can be achieved with an in-house marketing team, it may not be a feasible option for smaller businesses operating on a tighter budget.

For a more comprehensive, affordable and efficient experience, we recommend turning to the professionals. As a family-run marketing agency based in Cheshire, Aqueous Digital specialises in both organic and paid internet search. When you choose to boost your business with Aqueous, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will work alongside the expert SEO team to create a personalised website strategy for your business.

We operate nationally and internationally. If you are local to us in Greater Manchester, Cheshire or Merseyside and need help with your SEO and digital marketing, then we would love to be your trusted partner. To find out more about how we produce great SEO content for your brand, contact us today.  We offer a free website audit and consultation to start you off on your journey to the top of Google.

Regardless of whether your company could benefit from reputation management or you simply want to improve your online presence, Aqueous Digital is here to help. With a proven track record and expert SEO knowledge, contact us and discover how digital marketing can grow your well-established or blossoming business into something truly spectacular.


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