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Best SEO tools for dominating local search results

If you’re a bricks and mortar business with a clientele who live in, or visit, your local area, then you need a robust local SEO strategy in place to succeed. It’s your local SEO that will ensure that when someone searches for what you provide, they visit you and not one of your neighbouring competitors.

With a strong local SEO strategy, you may find it possible to completely dominate local search results, and there’s a range of tools available that can help you do just that.


Google My Business

If you want to do well in the local search results, then you need to be using Google My Business (GMB).

Not only is it a great local listing site and an aid to your SEO performance, it also provides a range of analytical tools that you might find helpful. Google My Business Insights gives you an inside look at how people find your business listing on the internet.

The data it provides includes searches, views, and whether people find you via Google Ads or organic searches. It also lets you know how customers interact with your listing, what they look at and where they spend their time.

GMB can also give you off-site data, such as how often people call your business after visiting your listing. It’s a valuable tool when it comes to your local SEO listings.


Google Analytics and Google Console

As well as making full use of everything that Google My Business can provide, you should also be tracking your progress with Google’s Analytics and Console platforms. Both of these give you invaluable insights and data about your website performance.

Because these are in-house Google tools, they are uniquely useful when it comes to securing your position in the dominating search engine when it comes to local results. If you want to cover all bases, then be sure to make use of Bing’s Webmaster service which fulfils a similar role for that search engine.

Taken together with Google My Business, these tools give most businesses all that they need to develop a strong local search engine performance.

As well as Google, are there any other tools that might be worth investigating?

Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO checklist provides a one-stop shop of resources to help you take care of your local SEO.

You can learn the basic elements of a complete local SEO and explore sub pages on a huge range of website fixes. It can give you key information about what needs to be done to improve your SEO performance, and increase your chances of being found by local customers online.

This is a free resource that many small business owners find helpful, particularly during the early stages of developing a SEO strategy.


Moz Local

Not free, but not prohibitively expensive either, Moz Local will monitor company lists and push data to major aggregators to make sure search engines find your company.

Moz Local will identify, and then correct, inaccuracies or close duplicate entries, and highlight any discrepancies that may be hampering your company’s ability to be found by search engines.

It’s a powerful tool that produces easy-to-understand reports and straightforward directions that can help you get started.


Whitespark Local Citation Finder


Despite its clunky name, Whitespark Local Citation Finder gives users a powerful set of tools that can transform customer engagement and data collection. Taken together, they can help to maximise opportunities to improve search rankings.

The local citation finder helps you to discover where you need to list your business in order to improve your local search rankings. By searching for relevant keyword phrases for your business, it will provide a range of citation sources per key phrase from top ranking sites.

This is a serious tool for anyone who is determined to attain and hold a key position in local search results.


Professional help and support

When it comes to SEO, Aqueous Digital are the experts. We keep track of a rapidly evolving SEO landscape and understand what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

We can create an effective local SEO approach as part of a broader SEO strategy.

As an award-winning digital agency, we have the skills, expertise and experience to ensure that your business enjoys the benefits that an intelligent local SEO strategy can bring.

Take a look at the SEO Services we offer and get in touch on 0800 285 1424 or email for an initial discussion and a free consultation.



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