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What KPIs does a successful digital marketing campaign need?

Keen to make your digital marketing campaign an undeniable success? You’ll need to know your way around your KPIs (key performance indicators) first! If you want to find out how you can make the most of your digital marketing metrics when it comes to creating digital marketing campaigns that deliver real results, then carry on reading.

What is a KPI?

A key performance indicator is also known as a performance indicator and is a useful metric for all online businesses. Put simply, a KPI is used to measure performance – often to determine whether a particular activity or change has been successful or detrimental to a business.

What is ROI and KPI in digital marketing?

ROI stands for Return on Investment and refers to the amount of profit generated from a particular business venture or activity. KPI (as we’ve discussed above) stands for key performance indicator, but how do these terms apply to the world of digital marketing? Find out below!

Digital marketing ROI

In digital marketing, ROI compares the net profit generated by a particular digital marketing campaign against the total cost of creating and implementing the campaign. If you’re a business running a digital marketing campaign, you want the ROI to be as high as possible. In order to achieve a high ROI, the digital marketing campaign needs to be low-cost, yet effective. To calculate ROI, the basic calculation is ROI = (Net Profit/Total Cost)*100.

Digital marketing KPI

Digital marketing KPIs (also known as digital marketing metrics) provide marketing teams with a way of tracking the relative effectiveness of their efforts. These measurable values are often tied to achieving certain digital marketing objectives or targets. This might include raising brand awareness, increasing website traffic or boosting sales and conversions.

What are good KPIs for digital marketing?

There are many different KPIs that can be applied to different areas of digital marketing. As a result, the right KPIs for your marketing team to measure will depend greatly upon which area/s of digital marketing you use. For example, some good KPIs to measure in social media marketing include the number of likes, comments and shares your posts receive.

Additional social media KPIs include your follower growth rate, the amount of social media traffic you receive and the number of conversions you generate from this traffic. Important KPIs for paid search, on the other hand, include your CTR (Click-Through Rate), CPC (Cost-per-Click) and quality score of your digital advertisements. Ultimately, the digital marketing platforms you utilise will decide which KPIs should be closely monitored.

What are the most important digital marketing metrics?

As mentioned above, the right digital marketing KPIs will vary based on which digital marketing avenues your business chooses to explore. However, as an award-winning digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Aqueous Digital knows how important effective SEO can be for any business. Below, we explore some of the key SEO KPIs that you might want to consider keeping an eye on yourself!

Tracking your traffic

Without customers, a business will never succeed. This is why tracking the traffic you receive from Google, and other search engines, is essential. From the number of total visits, unique visitors and website visitors you receive to the page views per session, top pages and different types of traffic sources, this information can provide you with vital information about what you target audience looks like and where they come from.

Keep an eye on keywords

Using valuable keywords throughout your website content helps Google and other search engines to rank your website and to list your content among similar content from other websites. Any changes in the rankings of these keywords can help you to decide which keywords are the most valuable and effective for your website. Choosing the right keywords will increase the likelihood of your content appearing in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Build those backlinks

All search engines use backlinking to help determine the reliability and value of your website’s content. By tracking this KPI, you’ll be able to view which sites are linking to your website and how many there are. You’ll also be able to see how these links affect your website and traffic, giving you the opportunity to remove damaging backlinks and build on the positive ones.

Double your DA (Domain Authority) score

In simple terms, domain authority refers to how important Google or any other search engine believes your website content to be. As such, they give each domain an authority score, commonly known as a DA score – the higher the DA score, the higher your website and content is likely to rank in SERPs. Measuring your page and domain authority each day can therefore give you an indication of whether you’re creating important and relevant content.

Make a record of the bounce rate

If you find that visitors are landing on your website and immediately clicking away, you’re likely to see a high bounce rate – bad news for any business! In order to reduce this bounce rate and encourage visitors to stay on your website for longer, it’s important to keep track of this digital marketing KPI while you improve your landing pages with helpful and engaging content.


Digital marketing campaigns at Aqueous Digital

At Aqueous Digital, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive and results-driven digital marketing strategies and campaigns. With a helping hand from key metrics and tools like ROI and KPI, our expert team of marketing and SEO specialists can creative effective digital marketing campaigns that help you to achieve your wider business goals.

Not only do we specialise in both paid and organic search, but we also have vast experience in the creation and publication of website content and reputation management. Having received numerous awards for our marketing and SEO services, 17 (to date!) five-star reviews from our thoroughly impressed clients and plenty of positive feedback, why not reach out to our Liverpool team today to discover how we can help you?

To speak to a member of our team regarding your specific digital marketing goals, please don’t hesitate to either give us a call on 0800 285 1424 or send us your enquiry via email to Alternatively, you can also use our convenient online contact form to get in contact outside of our opening hours.

Once we’ve discussed your requirements, we’ll be able to offer you a free website health check alongside a no-obligation consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss both the positive aspects of your website as well as any areas that could be improved with a touch of SEO and marketing magic – we hope to hear from you soon!

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