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Sooty and Sweeps had worked for two years with an offshore SEO provider who had done absolutely nothing to get their website ranking in London. In fact, they were thousands of pounds out of pocket and nothing had changed.

Our first task was to convince them that not all firms who offer SEO are the same. No easy task!

The Challenge

To gain online visibility for Sooty and Sweeps – North London-based chimney sweep, who offer services such as stove installation, flue lining and chimney sweep/cleaning. Getting any of their services onto page one would be a success in such a crowded market.

Our Answer

Looking at current competitors, we established a need for a solid, search-engine friendly website that promoted exactly what Sooty and Sweeps offered. They needed to be ranking for three main keywords across a range of locations in London.

Aqueous Digital worked with the client to establish the correct locations and services.  From here we looked at every aspect of the website, URLs, on-page structure, internal linking, content, then off-page/external linking.

We created pages to reflect each service in each area, providing both what the end user was searching for and optimising for what search engines are looking for.  Working only within ‘white-hat’ methods, we helped create a long-term solution for online presence for Sooty and Sweeps.


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page 1 positions

increase in new visitors

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