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Why digital marketing is important to business owners

Our latest blog post that explores why digital marketing is important for business owners in the growing digital age.

For business owners who are used to doing things in an old fashioned way or operating on tight budgets, digital marketing can seem like a gamble at best, and a waste of time and money at worst.

The truth is while there is always a degree of uncertainty in marketing efforts, there is only so far a business can grow through word of mouth and physical marketing alone.

The importance of digital marketing cannot be overstated in the digital age.

How can digital marketing help your business?

We might be biased, but digital marketing really can do so much for a business.

From a simple email newsletter to running a full marketing campaign with the help of SEO and social media tools, digital marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. You don’t need to go all-in to reap the returns.

The headline is that digital marketing helps your business to grow, but in different ways and with benefits distinct from traditional marketing forms.

It goes beyond just spreading the word around who you are and what you do. Instead, it opens conversations with your target audience and gets them to interact with your business.

It can bring people to your content willingly rather than relying on hooking them with outbound methods.

In the case of SEO, it can see you moving up the rankings on Google’s search pages, eventually placing you in an advantageous position that exudes trust and authority before users even click on your link.

The bottom line is that digital marketing helps your business to grow using the awesome power of the internet!

Benefits of digital marketing

The benefits of digital marketing and the positive knock-on effects stemming from it are hard to quantify.

Using digital marketing to enhance your business profile can have internal benefits—bringing in new ideas and stoking creative thinking that benefits other areas—as well as the external benefits of increased business, greater brand awareness, and similar rewards.

Some of these include:

Knowing your audience

Conducting market research is a must for any business, arguably before there’s a proper business to speak of. When starting a business, you likely (hopefully) have at least some idea of why your product or service exists, who it’s for, and consequently who you’re speaking to when you advertise.

However, gathering this knowledge to analyse and organise it is only half the job. It needs to be used and acted upon; not only to start getting returns in the form of new customers and buying behaviours, but also to test what you’ve learned. It may seem on paper that a young audience will be the ideal target for your content, but will they respond as you hope they will once you start trying to communicate?

Once you’ve nailed an understanding of your audience, you can better target your messaging and tailor your content to suit them. If you have real insight on your customers, you may even anticipate and predict their behaviours beforehand and make opportunistic strikes.

Focusing your operation

One huge benefit of SEO is that you can not only work your way up the SERPs where users are concentrating their link clicking, but you can ensure that your business focus is more relevant to the areas you serve.

For instance, if you’re a building contractor in Liverpool and want to receive more business closer to home, then Liverpool SEO will help you rise above the competition and be a more visible presence when people search your relevant keywords.

This focus can extend beyond location, and can be used to help you flourish in a niche that you can offer better than your competitors.

Increased returns

Despite its many capabilities, digital marketing still meets the simple need of stoking awareness of your brand. Adverts, social media campaigns, emails, and SEO are some of the ways that you can spread your business’s name and entice customers.

Combining these approaches with PPC (pay per click) can be cost effective ways to boost your profile and start enjoying a greater number of enquiries.

The importance of content also cannot be overstated.

While content doesn’t have a hard, fixed ‘worth’ that can be anticipated in terms of return, it imparts worth to your audience by offering advice, information, or entertainment. It may not always result in a sale, but it encourages customers to form links with your brand and establishes your authority in your given field.

If your customers can confidently say you know your stuff, the chances of building a pocket of loyal return buyers is steadily increasing. Answer your customer’s questions and they’re more likely to reward you.

Reach your audience anywhere

Digital marketing can reach your audiences virtually anywhere.

Statistics from 2021 suggest that more than 90 per cent of the global internet population go online using a mobile device.

Mobile accounts for around 55 per cent of total web traffic, making digital marketing not only reach a significant number of mobile users, but making them the overall primary recipients of digital marketing activities.

Mobile users also present different avenues of marketing, such as Facebook Check-ins, that can boost the value of customer photos and feedback.

In-app advertising can also reach users who aren’t engaged with social media or browsing the web, reaching people playing mobile games or watching videos.

Digital marketing as it should be

Here at Aqueous, we know the importance of digital marketing better than anybody. Sound SEO and expert marketing decisions boost your business profile and increase conversions dramatically. Sometimes the results really have to be seen to be believed.

To have a chat about what expert digital marketing can do for your business, contact us today.

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