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Digital Marketing for Law: Why solicitors need digital marketing

Want to encourage an increase in enquiries and take on more clients at your law firm? Find out how law firm digital marketing can help from the expert team of SEO executives at the award-winning digital marketing agency, Aqueous Digital.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for new ways to build brand awareness or are trying cut down on costs, there are many reasons solicitors should consider investing in digital marketing – and we explore just a few of them below!


Why do law firms need digital marketing?

While there are many benefits of digital marketing, the reasons we list below are particularly relevant to law firms and solicitors.

For example, while influencer marketing is one form of digital marketing that can be advantageous for retail and beauty businesses, there are not many law practices that would typically benefit from this kind of collaboration.

Instead, the digital marketing channels mentioned below are all part of wider strategies that are likely to deliver real results for law firms and solicitors.

While the right digital marketing strategy for your business will vary according to your wider company goals, budget, and resources, law firm digital marketing has many benefits.


Save costs

Many digital marketing avenues, like social media marketing and content creation, are much more affordable forms of marketing than TV, radio, and print advertising, for example. These cost-effective solutions allow even the most local of law firms to compete with international behemoths for more competitive leads. While some forms of digital marketing (such as Pay-Per-Click) will cost more than others, these majority of these digital marketing methods are ideal for law firm start-ups and small legal businesses on a budget.

Generate more enquiries

Digital marketing helps businesses to generate leads in a variety of different ways. This can include, but is not limited to, paid advertisements, email campaigns, and landing pages. Good technical SEO, great content in the form of blogs, and a strong social media presence can all help more internet users to find and interact with your law firm and its services.

Create brand awareness and credibility

As a law firm, it’s highly likely that you’ll be keen to build a trustworthy and reliable reputation, highlighting yourself as a business that potential customers can rely on. One way to effectively convey your company’s values and develop this respectable reputation is through digital marketing. Often, this can be achieved by implementing a powerful combination of social media marketing, compelling content, and running ads.

Provides a platform for a wide range of content

Unlike traditional marketing options, digital marketing provides businesses with the ability to connect with their customers using a wide range of content. From attention-grabbing videos and online quizzes to engaging podcasts, live videos, emails, infographics and so much more, there’s an endless list of content types to explore when you choose to take advantage of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is measurable

One of the most alluring aspects of digital marketing is the fact that these methods are often easy to manage, track, and, if necessary, adjust. Typically providing you with real-time feedback, SEO tools like Google Analytics gather heaps of important data about your target market and can be crucial to determining the efficacy of your campaign. With all this information at your fingertips, optimising your digital marketing campaigns and taking complete control over your sales funnels become even easier.

Quick results

One of the main advantages of exploring digital marketing methods such as Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads is the speed at which your can connect with your target audience. This allows law firms to advertise different areas of their business, allowing them to collect engagement data and quickly determine which strategies deliver the best results.

If one of these digital advertising campaigns isn’t performing as well as intended, it can be quickly and easily adjusted. While long-term digital marketing methods like SEO, content creation, and organic social media growth won’t deliver speedy results like Google Ads, using a combination of both short-term and long-term methods can help businesses to achieve maximum, cost-effective visibility in the future without sacrificing short-term traffic.


Digital marketing for law firms

Here at Aqueous Digital, we have decades of experience helping countless clients from all kinds of industries achieve their SEO and content goals.

Having provided expert SEO support and guidance to a selection of both regional and national UK law firms, offering everything from business to personal law services, we’ve seen the significant difference effective law firm digital marketing can make to a company.

Specialising in content, reputation management, and technical SEO, our team of SEO executives and content writers works with you to create a digital marketing strategy that is aligned with your wider business aims.

Most importantly, we’ll never work with two directly competing companies, so you can rest assured that we’ll only have the best interests of your business at heart.

Regardless of whether you want to increase the amount of organic traffic finding your website and its content or you’d rather improve your law firm’s reputation, we can help!

To find out more about the wide range of SEO services available at Aqueous Digital, or to book a convenient date and time for your free, no-obligation consultation, please feel free to get in touch today.

To speak to a member of our Cheshire or Liverpool team, simply give us a call on 0800 285 1424!

Alternatively, you can get in touch by emailing your enquiry to or by filling out our handy online contact form. Once you’ve registered your interest with our team and provided us with the relevant details, we’ll conduct a free site audit and be in touch soon to discuss the results!

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