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How do I find and edit the metadata of an image?

How do I find and edit the meta data of an image?

Keen to find out more about image metadata and how it can be included within your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy?

From the importance of photo metadata and which tools are best for uncovering this information, to how you can remove metadata from an image, our SEO professionals explain everything.


Do all photos have metadata?

As the name suggests, metadata simply refers to data about data.

With regards to photos, metadata helps to provide more information about the image, including the location, date, and time it was taken. Metadata can also provide more in-depth image data such as the exposure mode, file source, and focal length.

The majority of images taken on a digital device will include metadata. However, occasionally, errors can occur leading to a loss of photo metadata. In these instances, metadata may need to be added, edited, or removed. Alternatively, an individual may decide to purposely alter or remove this information.


How do I find the metadata of an image?

The method of finding image metadata (once the photo has been saved to your device) will vary depending on the type of device you’re using.

For Window users, you’ll need to right click on the digital image, select ‘Properties’, and then navigate to ‘Details’. Here, you should be able to find any available photo metadata.

Similarly, if you want to check the image metadata on photos you’ve taken on your smartphone, you should be able to simply select the image and then click on ‘Details’.

Mac users, on the other hand, will need to open the image in ‘Preview’, select ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and navigate to the ‘Exif’ (Exchangeable image file format) tab. This will then show you the advanced metadata of a photo – including whether the flash was activated and the aperture value.

What tool would you use to find the metadata in a picture?

There is a long list of online and browser-based tools that can make finding photo metadata much easier. While the appropriate metadata analysation tool for you will vary depending on your requirements, some of the most common the likes of Picvario MetaEditor, Exifdata, and Geosetter.

Picvario MetaEditor allows users to both view and modify image metadata, while Exifdata shows the metadata for a wide range of file types such as JPG/JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PSD, BMP, RAW, CR2, and even more! Geosetter, on the other hand, focuses on helping users view and edit geo data specifically.

If you’re not sure which metadata tool is best for your business or personal requirements, we recommend exploring the options or reaching out to the professionals for an expert opinion.

Should you remove metadata from a photo?

There are many reasons that an individual may want to remove metadata from an image. This is because, just like any other information content on the internet, this image metadata is at risk of being hacked in the event of a security breach.

Typically, personal data such as location, falls into the realm of being particularly sensitive information that users may not want others to access. If you can remove this data before the image is uploaded online, then you can help to prevent this private information from being accessed by anyone with malicious intent.

For a business, this photo metadata can include everything from your company and name to your location and devices. Sharing your digital image files, either internally or externally, without removing this image metadata can therefore leave your information vulnerable to cyber criminals.


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