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How do I redirect a page in WordPress?

Unsure how to redirect a WordPress page? Regardless of whether you’ve recently switched content management systems (CMS) or are having difficulty navigating the WordPress platform, our expert team can help.

At Aqueous Digital, we’ve supported countless clients through WordPress website migrations, redesigns, and content creation. To help you understand page redirection on WordPress, we’ve put together this straightforward guide, explaining when and how to set up WordPress redirects.

What is a WordPress redirect?

A WordPress redirect is the same as any other redirect, it’s just been set up on a WordPress site. Once properly set up, a redirect automatically sends online users from an old URL to a new page and can be implemented for a wide range of reasons.

Crucially, redirects are designed to help you retain page value and important rankings from pages that are no longer useful or beneficial. It’s for this reason that redirects are considered a vital SEO tool for all businesses with a website.

There are many different types of redirects (including permanent, temporary, and special redirections) that can be identified by the three-digit code – ‘3xx’. Some of the most well-known and widely-used URL redirects are the 301 (permanent) and 302 (temporary) redirect.

When to use redirects in WordPress

Redirects are commonplace on most websites as they can be set up to aid website migrations, the deletion and consolidation of unwanted content, and the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Changing domain or website structure can also require a WordPress redirect to a new page or site.

If you’re unsure whether a website improvement you want to make requires page redirection on WordPress, it’s always best to consult your web developer or an experienced SEO specialist.

How to redirect a WordPress page

Fortunately, setting up a WordPress page redirect is relatively straightforward as a variety of plugins exist to make the process even easier. Both free and premium plugins can be installed on your WordPress site to support fuss-free page redirection on WordPress.

Some of the most popular WordPress redirection plugins include Yoast SEO Premium, Redirection, and Safe Redirect Manager. While each plugin will have a different redirection installation process, we explain how to create a WordPress redirect using the free and reliable Redirection plugin to illustrate just how easy this process can be.

1. After installing and activating the plugin, simply navigate to the dashboard and select Tools and then Redirection.

2. Start the setup and select your redirection preferences.

3. Following a successful connection test, setup will be complete, and you should be able to view existing redirects and redirect activity.

4. To create a new redirect, simply add the old URL into the Source URL field and the desired new URL into the Target URL field. While this will automatically create a permanent 301 redirect, you can change the type of redirect by selecting the cog icon.

5. Once you’ve found the required redirect, simply select Add Redirect and ensure it’s working properly by selecting Check Redirect.

Can I redirect a WordPress page without plugins?

Yes, you can redirect a WordPress page without plugins. However, the way in which you will need to do this varies depending on your server because it requires the direct editing of server files. To add a redirect, you’ll need to edit your .htaccess configuration file.

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that even small mistakes while editing this important file can significantly impact your website, so it’s crucial that you make a site backup before making any changes.

Searching for professional WordPress support?

Here at Aqueous Digital, our team of SEO specialists have carried out extensive technical SEO work on a wide range of content management systems, including WordPress. From uploading content to fixing broken links, we can provide expert SEO guidance for businesses with WordPress websites.

Specialising in paid search and organic SEO, as well as reputation management for high-net-worth individuals, and content strategies, implementing URL redirects is just one of the many SEO services we offer here at our award-winning digital marketing agency.

Regardless of whether you want to clean up your website, boost the online visibility of your products and services, or build crucial brand awareness, please don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and experienced team today.

If you need an agency that can be your guiding hand to great SEO in SheffieldLiverpoolManchester, and all across the UK, contact Aqueous Digital. To get in touch with our north west team you can either give us a call on 0800 285 1424, or alternatively email us at

Once we receive your WP redirect page enquiry, you can rest assured that we’ll be in touch shortly to find out more about your digital marketing and SEO requirements.

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