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How to redirect a domain: A step-by-step guide

It is common to come across a domain redirect when we browse the web.

This occurs when a user is attempting to access a website that has moved, or is temporarily unavailable, and it directs them to another one.

Redirecting a domain can be advantageous for both the website creator and the user. For the latter, it contributes to a better user experience by steering them away from broken or duplicated pages when a website has changed domain.

Furthermore, without the presence of redirects, website creators put their organic search rankings at risk. Therefore, redirection is an ideal solution because it can ensure that you are retaining traffic.

Because redirections can be disrupting for users, and risks creating a negative browsing experience, it is important to know how to redirect a domain to another domain if you are changing your website address.

Can I redirect my domain to another website?

For those who are curious about a dns redirect to another domain, it is important to know that you can redirect your domain to another website.

Redirects can be carried out in different ways, such as .htaccess, PHP script, HTML meta tags, and JavaScript.

With server-side domain redirects, corresponding HTTP status codes such as 301 and 302 are given to user agents in the form of browsers or web crawlers.

One of the most common ways of redirecting a domain is to use a 301 direct which is permanent. This method informs search engines and browsers to direct users indefinitely to the new URL.

Furthermore, a 302 redirect is for temporary circumstances like when a site is being updated or is going through maintenance and tests. Unlike the 301 code, the original URL remains valid.

Alternatively, you can use a URL frame which is a masked redirect which shows the original URL in the browser despite the content that is displayed being from another one.

How to redirect a domain to another one

The process of conducting a redirect from one domain to another one is quite straightforward if you know where to go.

To use a 301 redirect, you should gain access to your hosting provider’s control panel where you should find a designated space for domains or redirects. You will be prompted to select the type of redirect and choose whether it is permanent or temporary, the domain, and the URL that you want to redirect to.

It is crucial to remember that a temporary 302 redirect is set up in the same way as a 301 direct but you should make it clear that it is only for a set period of time.

If you are setting up a URL frame, you can use a DNS service that permits URL forwarding with masking.

Can you redirect a domain without hosting?

Setting up a domain redirect maybe something that you are required to do as your site grows and it can be done with hosting.

Domain hosting refers to the service that offers people domain names for websites. These domain names are website addresses that allow websites to be recognised by the public. To redirect a domain with hosting, through your domain register or DNS provider, you will be able to find your domain’s control panel which should have an option that says ‘URL redirect’ which should allow you to enter the destination URL and clarify the type of redirect.

However, for those who choose not to host, it is still possible to redirect a domain without hosting by using URL forwarding or a third-party service. There are many ways to do this depending on your circumstances.

First, you can consider using Cloudfare, which is a DNS service that also allows you to redirect a URL. Once you add your domain to a service like this, you are able to set up a page rule to conduct a domain redirect to another website.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party website forwarding service to redirect your original domain to a different one. All you will be required to do is point your domain to a specific number and change your destination domain. You should also keep in mind that using a URL redirection on a page basis will take less time than redirecting an entire domain.

Want to master domain redirects?

Whether you need to rebrand or refresh your website, at some point you may need to know how to redirect a domain.

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